October 2011 SAT Vocabulary: Cocksure Fallacious Killjoys

So the first SAT of the 2011 – 2012 academic year has come and gone and as usual it was full of words ranging from the commonplace (longevity) to the esoteric (recondite). We sent in our teachers to check it out and here are some of the words we remember. We’ve taken words from the reading passages as well as the Sentence Completions. Keep in mind that the SAT doesn’t simply tests random words, it tests words that are used in “well-written college level texts.” If you are taking the SAT in the next year, if you are planning to go to college, if you plan to read well-written adult texts, you should know these words! So get out your flashcards and hang on to your hats because here we go:

  • alleviate
  • fickleness
  • exuberance
  • blundering
  • eschewing
  • subverting
  • inculcating
  • stoicism
  • acrimonious
  • beguiling
  • melancholy
  • mercurial
  • officious
  • braggart
  • caustic
  • flippant
  • vehement
  • sanguine
  • resigned
  • admonish
  • resuscitate
  • maudlin
  • maladroit
  • sophistry
  • beguile
  • quixotic
  • pedestrian
  • lavish
  • juxtaposition
  • ancillary
  • marginalized
  • edify
  • gibbering
  • jubilation
  • propagate
  • gestate
  • exacerbate
  • recondite
  • hackneyed
  • fallacious
  • ubiquity
  • veracity
  • oratory
  • admonition
  • ameliorate
  • archeologist
  • longevity
  • digression
  • compliant
  • resolute
  • cunning
  • collaborate
  • corroborate
  • jocular
  • fervid
  • inept
  • ineptitude
  • bushwhacking
  • foolhardy
  • killjoy
  • cocksure
  • succor
  • empiricism
  • rationalism

Take this list of words and get started studying today! Also since you’re already online you should head over to either FreeRice or our new favorite vocab site Word Dynamo for great interactive vocab learning tools.

And of course when you are ready for SAT preparation come check us out at a free sample class!

  • http://www.perfectscoreproject.com Debbie Stier

    Sophistry? Someone saw sophistry on there? That’s one of my all time favorites. How did I miss that?

    Boy that’s a great list of words.


  • Ricardo

    In the answer choices for stoicism included was empiricism and rationalism.

    In addition, I remember seeing words such as eschew, emphatic, vehement and edify.

    I wrote those in case you are interested in adding the other words to the list.

    Nevertheless, great list!

  • Bell Curves SAT Team

    Hey Ricardo,

    Thanks for the great additional words. We’ve added them to the list. Feel free to give us more!

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  • http://www.perfectscoreproject.com Debbie Stier

    I almost just wrote “I LOVE THIS LIST!”…

    And then I looked down and saw that I already left that comment.

    God, I love the vocab. I don’t know why I find it so much fun….but I do.

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