GMAT Q&A: Multiple Tests

Recently we’ve decided to share some GMAT-related questions we’ve received (as well as our answers) in hopes that the information may be of benefit to others. Today’s question deals with how multiple GMAT scores may be interpreted by admissions officers.

Q: Is there a penalty for taking the GMAT multiple times, meaning do the schools see all your scores?

Business schools do see all of your scores from the last 5 years. Here’s what GMAC says:

“Remember, though, that all of your GMAT scores from the past 5 years will appear on your Official Score Report.”

Though all your scores will be reported, for most candidates it’s only the best score that is considered by admissions officers unless there is overwhelming reason to doubt that the highest score is representative of your true abilities (such as you took the test 5 times and got four 400s and one 600).

Kellie Sauls, Associate Director of Admissions at UVA Darden, has this to say:

“Yes, schools do see all your GMAT scores and most factor in the highest score when evaluating for admission. And yes, if there is reason to doubt that the score is representative of the applicant’s true capabilities, that will be considered as well. Applicants, please use your energy to prepare, prepare, prepare! That way repeat test taking is minimal at worst and unnecessary at best.”

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